Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Rejuvenate your Body and Soul in Kerala

Kerala is known for its therapeutic massages. One can cure many of their ailments by combining various ayurvedic therapies. Although, a detailed program is scheduled out after studying in-depth the physical health conditions and medical history of the patient, but normally the time span varies from 7 to 28 days.  The power of ayurveda can help in curing diabetes, paralysis, migraine, obesity, constipation, piles, sinusitis, hair loss, gastric problems, cough, insomnia and many more.  Lets study in brief about the various ayurvedic treatments which are available in God owns country. Travel To Kerala and relax your body and soul.
  1. Panchakarma: This is such a powerful ayurvedic treatment that has even shown result in most sever diseases and in some for the incurable problems as well. It involves series of systematic treatments which aim at purifying the entire body to get back the normal rhythm of life. The each treatment that is done aims to work on the entire body. The five procedures that are involved in Panchakarma are Emesis, medical enema, nasal sinus, emisis and oil enema. The program may vary from patient to patient depending on his physical conditions and previous medical history. Some may receive customized treatment comprising of dietary counseling, therapeutic massage, body detoxification and dietary counseling . On an average, for each patient the duration of treatment varies from 7 to 28 days. All the therapies in the centers are conducted by highly experienced and competent masseurs or masseuses which are thoroughly supervised by professional Ayurvedic physicians.
  2. Swedanam-Medicated Steam Bath: This treatment aims at freeing one’s body from various harmful toxins by combining the different useful herbs in boiling water. This medicated steam is then used to remove the accumulated toxins of the body in the various body channels.
  3. Bhyangam:This is a unique massage which aims at refreshing and brimming one’s body with new energy.
  4. Snehadhara: This is also known as the Stream of love. It comprises of pouring warm water in a rhythmic fashion on the entire body. It gently massages the whole body thereby refreshing the patient completely.  This massage is highly recommend for patients which suffer from stoke, spinal disorders, poor blood circulations and Diabetic Neuropathy.
  5. Shirodhara: This ayurvedic treatment is aimed to cure the diseases which affect brain. It comprises of pouring medicated oil on the significant points which are present on the forehead as prescribed in the Vedas. It also provides cooling affect on the head and relieves the patients from stresses, anxieties and sleepiness.

These massages are popular not only amongst Indian but people from round the world Travel to India to get relaxed in these renowned ayurvedic centers in Kerala. Without wasting your time book your air tickets to India and get rejuvenated and free your body from harmful toxins. 

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Travel to Terrific India

Single phrase to describe India would be – Traveler’s Delight. A proud and courage nation bestowed with all to meet a Traveler’s purpose. A place where the best of tradition endeavors to synchronize with best of modern developments! The best of the destinations – Tranquil Himalayan Hill, Heritage Rajasthan, Nature’s beloved Kerala, quixotic Agra, mini Switzerland of India – Khajjar, Magnetic Hills of Ladhak, delight of trekkers – Sandakpfu, valley of flowers – Uttrakhand, the charming tribes, the most colorful Araku valley, beaches of Goa and much more. The traditional meals of various cultures would be a true unmatched delight. Hub of cultures, each one unique yet same inside! The country has a valued history of intelligent minds proving their vigor in each and every possible field. Visit to India is difficult to explore in a single visit. However, a travel expert makes it a complete experience for you.

There are myriad options available when it comes to book your cheap flights to India. Numerous travel portals come up with various discounts and offers from time to time to allure customers to their portal. They have eased the entire traveling process. They not only facilitate in air ticket booking but also in booking accommodation, sightseeing options and many other facilities which are required by tourists while traveling to foreign land. Most importantly, if you book accommodation and air tickets together, you get a save a lot.

To avail all these facilities, you must find a dedicated and reliable travel portal. Sign up with them to receive their constant emails and discounted offers. Also, planning in advance about your holiday helps a lot in booking air tickets at discounted rates. Some of these reliable travel portals, have dedicated customer care executives which help in formulating your travel itinerary. Simply call them to discuss about your holiday destination and shall provide you with the itinerary according to your requirements. Last minute flyers, must also not feel disheartened as there are many last minute flight deals available which help you in booking the tickets at affordable rates.

Thus, without worrying about increased air fares, book your next holiday to land of diversity- India.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Reasons to Say Yes to Travel

There are times when you have to cancel your vacation or disappoint all your friends who were looking forward to have you over. Work and other important facets of one's life may get in the way of vacation. While this is understood, it is also a fact that one cannot possibly work all the time. There is a need to step up and say ''yes'' to travel whenever you get an opportunity. It does not depend on the kind of money you can spend, your age or the place you are going to. It is all about having a good time.

With the level of work and pressure increasing day by day, the stress level is also rising. Just accumulating these stress levels and not being able to find an outlet for it can be hazardous. Therefore, traveling is one thing that will give you an opportunity to reduce them. On your vacation, you can visit the places that you've always dreamed of and this will help to put all the worries concerning your work at the back seat.

Traveling also presents you with a great opportunity to meet new people who belong to different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. You will be able to witness the world in a different way altogether when you fully immerse yourself another culture and see the world through a different lens. Learning about varied cultures and experiencing them will open up your mind and provide you with a fresh perspective.

Make your travel as interesting as it can possibly be. Go off beat and do some different things like exploring the jungle, climbing a mountain peak, go scuba diving or indulge in some water sports. Do something that you normally wouldn't do. Travel should be about adventure and exploration.

If you have children, then exposing them to traveling will greatly benefit them in their lives. They will be able to learn about the various cultures and also about the different kinds of people who follow it. They will develop a keen interest in history and will be inclined to study and know more about the cultures of the places that they visit.

All this talk of travel and visiting new places must have surely got your mind ticking. If this is the case, then do not delay, just pack your bags and hit the road. Choose a destination that you've always wished to visit. In case you can't afford it, then it is best to start saving for it. Get out there and go see the world which is waiting to be explored. 

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Best Destinations for New Year Celebrations

Stepping into the New Year, translates into many resolutions, many parties and a time to rejoice all around the world. With the clock striking midnight, people all over the world gear straight into new dreams and new hopes for the coming year. Fun with friends and family is the best way to bid farewell to the gone year and welcome the new one with arms wide open. 

A few important destinations which live it the fueled up way are as follows:

New York
Times Square is the place to be in if you are in New York. The place hosts millions of people who are gearing up to enter the New Year with a bang. The mere gathering of people before the clock strikes 12 has now become a tradition people tend to live up to from far and beyond. With the party mood set in with world class music, balloons, confetti, magnificent decorations and the festivities going around, experiencing the times square new year countdown in the city that never sleeps is a must see for all.
Sun, sand and surf is the best way to describe Miami, and if coupled with New Year Eve celebrations, the place is a perfect getaway for beach lovers. New years here is not a one night affair. The party starts with a three day long music fest which ensures a good farewell to the going year and a befitting welcome to the new one. The midnight pyrotechnics display is a great attraction for the tourists there. The nightlife spread across the town ensures the surging party never stops. Whether it is the Bayfront Park, the private beaches, the Fontainebleau or the numerous hotels holding the New Year’s bash, the party never ends here.
Las Vegas
Party all night and party every night is the way Las Vegas lives, but welcoming the new year is something that is done in style and in a larger than life level. To begin with, the party starts at the America's party event engaging around a million party goers. The merry making, the dancing, the light shows and music concerts attract many tourists. Night life being legendary, the number of parties across the city are mind blowing. The street party in the Fremont street with rock bands taking the party level even higher and brings in a lot of young crowd. With a number of renowned singers singing at different locations, one can choose what music one wants to welcome the New Year and groove into it with fervor.
What is better than celebrating new years in style and élan, and who can do it better than the French. As the clock strikes twelve, love thy neighbor gets a true meaning as each wish is accompanied by a peck on the cheek. New Year's Eve is romantic and serene. The city is engulfed in one big street party every year. Dining and wining in style is a must for New Year in Paris. The French like to be well planned, so reservations are made many days prior. One of the best places to go to are the esplanade du Trocadero providing stunning views of the magnificent Eiffel tower and the fireworks.

Rome in its full splendor welcomes the New Year with music, dance and breathtaking fireworks. A walk down to St Peters square where one enjoys a gathering of thousands of people celebrating, eating and even cooking, this spot is the most sought after. The monumental beauty of Rome inspires many and gives reason to many to celebrate. The music festivals and the New Year's Eve concert at Concerto di Capodanno are a great way to engage oneself on New Year’s Eve.

Happy New Year  2014
Best Wishes
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