Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A Few Ways to Remain Healthy During Travel

New destinations keep luring the travelers towards them for an exciting and adventurous trip with the help of cheap tour packages. But you must ensure that your vacation does not end up becoming a medical nightmare. So, there is some preparation that is needed to be done in advance before you travel. The first thing that you need to do is to check a reliable source for the up to date information on the potential health concerns of the place that you wish to travel to.

Here are some helpful tips that will help you to remain disease-free and healthy during your entire trip:
  • Carry your own first aid kit: You should have a stock of some antiseptic, gauze, bandages, antibiotics, ointments, scissors etc.
  • Carry Enough Medication: You must carry all the medicines that you may require in case of an emergency. 
  • Carry Hand Sanitizer: There may be places that you travel to where soap and water are not readily available. The water may also be contaminated. It is thus, better to have your own sanitizer so that you can sanitize your hands as many times in the day as you want. 
  • Insect Repellents: You must carry insect repellent creams to avoid any bug bites or mosquito bites.
  • Sunscreen Lotion: It is important to protect your skin from sunburns. So, carry an SPF 15 sunscreen lotion and also remember to wear protective clothing during the peak hours of the day.
  • Animal Contact: Do not touch or feed stray animals since you never know of the germs they carry and how dirty they are. Also remember to clean your hands thoroughly after getting in any contact with any animal.
  • Bottled Water: In case you are travelling to an area which food-borne diseases are a common occurrence, then you must ensure to drink bottled water and also eat the food that is cooked properly and served hot too. Also, eat only those fruits that you can peel off.
  • Travel Insurance: You must purchase travel insurance and also keep a copy of all the documents and the contact information ready at all times with you.
  • Know Where to Go: In case you get unwell and you do not know the local language, you must have a reliable source of communication with the health care professionals. A translation book or some app on your phone can be helpful in this case.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Some Must Dos for a Great Holiday Experience in India

India is a great destination to travel to since you get to experience the finest culture of this beautiful country. But, here are a few pointers if you are taking your first trip to India from the US. You can end up getting unwell or maybe have a bad experience if you do not keep these things in mind.
  1. Drink Bottled Water Only: The first thing that you must not forget is to drink only bottled water. Also, there is a need to ensure that the bottle cap has not been tampered. The cap should be intact. If you drink unsterilized water, then you may get unwell due to contamination.
  2. Make all your Bookings: Before travelling to India, you must make sure that you have made all your bookings i.e. your hotel, your domestic air bookings etc. Most of the hotels offer the pickup from the airport and you can also ask for other transportation services. You can check out the airlines that fly domestically to get the cheapest air tickets in India.
  3. Shopping: You may pick up some souvenirs during your tour to India but the tip is to not pick up anything from your hotel gift shop since the items will be much more expensive. You must do some window shopping before buying anything. Also, you must ensure that you buy stuff from such stores that can ship your goods home. By doing this you will not be worried to carry them around or increasing your baggage allowance.
  4. Visit the Local Grocery: Once you reach your hotel room after arriving in India, you must visit a local grocery store. You can buy the basic essentials that you would require like toiletries and other stuff. It is better not to carry them in order to decrease the weight of your baggage.
  5. Purchasing Train Tickets: If you have mapped your trip to India and you are aware of the places that you wish to visit there, then you can also reserve your train tickets. In case, you are unable to get the tickets booked online, then there is no need to worry since you can get the tickets once you reach India too. It will just be that the train timings may differ and you may have to take the local train.
A trip to India will be the best experience for you if you take all these points into consideration since it is a country that has a lot to offer to its tourists.