Monday, 22 September 2014

Untouched Western Ghats : Agumbe and Kudremukh

From the beaches of Goa to the perfect weather of Ooty. Tourists travelling to India have forgotten one of the world richest heritage sites of fauna and flora that is the Western Ghats. Western Ghats are just mesmerizing during the monsoon season. If the word serene has to depict something, it is definitely this. Two of the many unexplored places of this mountain range are Agumbe and Kudremukh. 

Agumbe is a small town located in the district of Shimoga and is sometimes called the Cherrapunji of South. This is because of the amount of rainfall it experiences every year. Being a UNESCO world Heritage Site, Agumbe is associated with rainforest conservation, documentation of medicinal plant and promotion of cottage industry. Agumbe was also the place where various episodes of the all-time favourite show, ‘Malgudi Days’ was shot. Yes! It is true. Agumbe is Malgudi. Hence, the exact description is vaguely clear to every Indian, red brick houses with a slope shaped ceiling bring back so many old memories. 

The hilly wet region of the Western Ghats is perfect for trekking, photography and to relax and get away from the busy life. Agumbe has a number of waterfalls around it which can be visited throughout the year. Similar to Agumbe is another place located in the Western Ghats itself, Kudremukh. The name of this place means “horse’s face’ and hence it is named after a peak which has a shape like a face of a horse. The Kudremukh National Park is the second largest wildlife protected area which belongs to the tropical type evergreen types of forests. Kudremukh was a mining city with a functional iron-ore mine but due to the Naxals, the mine was shut down and the city is mostly abandoned hence another factor to visit the place more because of the adrenaline rush. 

The best thing to do at Kudremukh is to go bag packing. Put camps and tents and sleep there with a bon fire. It is also a perfect place to go trekking at. There are almost 30 different trekking routes. These places are so incredible but they lack promotion of tourism. One must visit these places and he/she will be awed by the beauty of the place.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Mumbai- The City of Dreams

For people travelling around the world, Mumbai is one place with many tourist attractions. Mumbai- the city of dreams is a business hub of India which is famous for its port handling business and stands third largest in the world of the stock market. Bollywood- the film industry is located here. It consists of the stock exchange, offices of many companies, production houses, sea ports etc.
Mumbai was given by Portuguese to England in the form of dowry in the 17th century. People from various parts have come here and settled to fulfil their dreams. Hence, Mumbai is a multi- cultural society.

Tourist Attractions
If you come by ship, the first thing to be seen in the south side on the waterfront is a Gateway Of India. Statues of Swami Vivekanda and Chhatrapati Shivaji can be seen here. In the memory of the Muslim saint's tomb has been created called Haji Ali Mosque that can be visited during low tide. Towards the south side, at the end of the Marine Drive business center of Mumbai called Nariman Point is located.
Stone fountain called Flora Fountain is located in the south of Mumbai which was made in 1864. The inspiration is driven from the Flower Goddess that is used to be Roman. This place is surrounded by banks, shops, colleges and offices. Hindu temple called Mahalaxmi Temple is built where people worship for wealth and prosperity. Mahatma Gandhi’s memorial called Mani Bhawan is a place where he stayed from 1917 to 1934. This building now consists of the research library, pictorial gallery, recording archive made on his life. The Park and gallery of science called the Nehru Science Center is a hit amongst the children. Antiques such as supersonic airplane, railway engine, steam lorry etc. are displayed.
Busiest beach, especially on festivals is Chowpatty beach. One of the special snacks of Mumbai is sold here called Bhelpuri by small kiosks. You can also find snake charmers, monkey trainers, pony riders, shooting galleries etc. here. Statues of freedom fighters also present here. Ground for horse racing called as Mahalaxmi Racecourse is located here. Horse riding takes place from the months of November till February. Film City with all facilities is spread in a large area. To visit this place special permission from authorities needs to be taken. Best structure among heritage buildings is Town hall present in the fort area of Mumbai’s southern part. The significance lies in spiral staircases and wooden floorings. With 800000 Books, it is the largest library of the city. Many other places like the Prithvi theatre, Malabar hill, town hall, Church Gate, Bangana, Pherozsha Mehta Gardens etc. are various attractions for tourists.

It is Warm and also humid every time. Starting from November till February, skies are clear and temperature is cool. The monsoon begins in June when the city stands still for some time. However, the rains end by September, and although it is said that Mumbai come sto a stand still, but can abything hamper the lively spirit of Mumbai, NO ..

Mode of Commutation
Mumbai is facilitated with both International and Domestic Airports. All the major airlines have their flight operations from Mumbai. Mumbai is well connected to the major international and domestic destinations. Thus, if you are planning your trip to India, you can perfectly land in the ‘Bollywood City’ and continue your journey to the other parts of India easily. Due to high tourism around the place, affordable tickets to Mumbai can be easily booked from travel portals. 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Tips to Cope Air-Travel with Infants

If you are planning a trip to India with family availing the cheap air tickets from San Francisco to Mumbai or to any destination, then surely, you have an quite a huge task at hand. And, in case you are travelling with an infant, then it can get quite overwhelming for you. Here is a list that will help you ensure if you have got all the things in place for your baby's trip to India.

Travel Essentials of the Infant
  • The flight to India can be a long haul flight and there is a need to ensure that you have packed a sufficient number of diapers, wipes and plastic bags in case you have some soiled diapers or clothes. 
  • You must also carry small size travelling bottles of baby lotion, baby wash, diaper rash cream, baby talcum powder, sanitizer etc. 
  • It is also a good idea to carry some washable and waterproof bibs rather than getting all the baby clothes dirty while he/she takes the meal. 
Baby Toys
  • Since the journey is going to be so long and you have to keep your baby busy and entertained, it is a good option to carry some toys which can easily fit in your hand baggage. 
  • Carry the ones that are easily portable and also the child's favorite. 
Baby Food
  • You can carry food in small travel boxes for your baby. 
  • Try to carry thing which will spill the least. 
  • Carry whatever is appropriate according to the age of your child.
  • You can also carry a few prepared feeds for the baby in zip lock pouches. 
Baby Stroller 
  • A baby stroller comes much in handy if there is a halt in the middle of your flight.
  • It is very easy to carry your baby in the stroller during check out at the airport. 
Other Baby Essentials
  • Carry other essential stuff like baby medicines, hat to cover the baby's head if it is too warm, blanket in case it is a little chilly, cover ups for feeding the baby etc. 
  • You must also carry all the medical papers of your baby and the contact number of the baby's doctor in case of an emergency. 
  • You can also carry books for your baby, rhymes and any other thing that you feel will keep your baby entertained. 
  • You can also carry a car seat but ensure that it is approved for use in the aircraft. 
  • If your baby is big enough to sit on the seat, then you can put the seat belt also. 
Thus, keeping the above points in mind, you definitely can have an enjoyable trip from USA to India with infants. 

Friday, 12 September 2014

Book Affordable Cruise in Single Click of Mouse!

With the modern technology, using computers and by surfing the net cruises at affordable prices can be made available easily. These are just a click away. The agencies provide us with some basic rates so as to save our time in searching it everywhere. Still reliable and low costs cruise can be found out. As the Big ships can carry with them a number of travelers, so rates have come down drastically. It is like a revolution has come in this field. How can one select the cruise? What are the things to be kept in mind?

Cruise rates highly dependent on the time of the year at which you are traveling. Year’s Second half is always better and cheaper. So this can save you a lot of money. As bookings are always done online, so check cruise providers who sell these before you choose one. 

The immense competition works to the benefit of travelers as they are facilitated with good discounts. Last minute cruise booking is very beneficial as they are very low in prices. Some companies sell tickets at the last moment when they were just about to leave at low prices as at that time they just want their ships to be fulfilled. Hence, look for such people.

To decide which cruise to take and from which cruise line is an important decision as this will save a lot of money with you that can be put to other use. If more areas are covered, then it will be more costly. Group booking will be more affordable. If some families can come then it will not only enhance the fun and joy of the trip, but also huge money can be saved. There are some closeout deals for cruise, one can try it as handsome offers with heavy discounts are given for such trips and this usually come at the year’s end.

Always look for charges that are hidden. Many cruises offer plans that include facilities like inland travel, entrance fees for many destinations and accommodation etc. Some also include the charges of food and drinks in these packages only. Rates quotes by agencies include everything in plan. If excessive discounts are given it is better to check first all the important points above before making a decision. Rates of cruise depends upon the plan of travelling and the days spent there. To locate the prices of cruise, similar packages are compared.

There rates depend upon company’s reputation, facilities provided inside and the ship’s model. Some old cruises with fewer facilities provide lesser rates. Be careful of such things.

These are some basic points you need to keep in mind. A cruise is always welcomed who charge less, but one has to be very careful in choosing such companies. Everyone says they are good, but they are not. Do a thorough search for it.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Stunning Tours of Incredible Italy

Italy is rightly described as the "Garden of Europe" in Goethe's classic Italian Journey. The magnificence of the landscape is merely the beginning of whatever Italy has in store for the tourists. From the sumptuous pizzas in enormous cafés to the mesmerizing Alps, glorious seas and unrivaled architecture and elegant historical sites, there are activities for everyone in Italy.

When you’re over with sightseeing, Italy’s world class shopping and toothsome cuisine is nothing less than a celebration.  Tours to Italy indeed would be the best holiday you ever had in the company of your near and dear ones.

The travel agents guide you to select the Tour of Italy that suits you the best. There is plenty to see and do in Italy – spare some time in exploring our website to know everything that Italy has in stored for its tourists. Irrespective of your reason to visit Italy, you would not want to leave it for sure. Also, if you plan in advance you can definitely hold on to inexpensive air-tickets to Italy and have a budget trip without hassles.

A Mesmerizing Trip to Italy:

The beauty of Italy lies in its deep history, archaeological wonders, fine arts, and foot tapping music. Its culture has charmed artists from round the world for centuries, and all have left their impression throughout the country. Cityscapes are cluttered with magnificent monuments, graceful fountains and dazing pieces of architecture. Masterpieces like Michelangelo’s David and da Vinci’s Last Supper still leave all the visitors spellbound.

Aesthetically shaped stained glass, beautiful paintings and marble statues crafted with perfection are found all over in Italy, and the names of grand masters like Michelangelo, Donatello and Da Vinci are heard everywhere but hackneyed. Great art is spread all over the map in tours of Italy.

Italy bags the top position in the list of world-class sightseeing. Many times, entire country seems like a UNESCO World Heritage Site! In almost every city of Italy there exits an extraordinary church; the leaning bell tower in Pisa, the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City and Florence’s Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore are the most popular ones.

From the Gigantic Alps of Piedmont to the crystal clear beaches of Amalfi, from the worldliness of Lombardy to the spell binding Veneto and the friendly bedlam of Campania – trip to Italy doesn’t disappoint you for sure.
The adventure seekers can feel the adrenaline rush with the enormous adventurous activities at Bel Paese. Select from alpine skiing, snowboarding, trekking, Nordic walking, mountain biking without forgetting and acknowledging world class structures for ice skating, swimming, tennis, horseback riding..the list never ends!

Tour Italy if you love nature! Italy brags some of Europe’s best ancient hill towns, most fantabulous beaches and the smashing, scenic countryside of Tuscany is second to none for salient Italy sightseeing!

The outstanding ruins of ancient Rome are spread throughout today’s city, and the entire town of Pompeii has been excavated from the ashes. They are indeed a sight to watch and capture in your heart forever. In all the cities, you discover coalesce of yesterday and today which is indeed uniquely Italian. 
The heavenly wines of Umbria, the delicious cuisine of Sicily, the extraordinary art and architectural treasures of Tuscany -all here in tours of Italy. Along with the hospitality of localities your trip to Italy will last an impression that would not fade out in years. 

Shopper's paradise-Italy satisfies the cravings of shopaholics, with the large variety of authentic Italian goods available across the country. Goods ranging from stylish clothing to leather goods; woodwork to glass works you find it all here. If you prefer cosmopolitan shopping, Rome and Florence would be an ideal choice for you in Italy - in fact, it is proclaimed as one of the best shopping countries in the world.

There are many travel portals which facilitate you with plentiful opportunities to explore the various shops of Italy, and your Tour Guide can assist you to find the best deals and products. They are superbly knowledgeable people and must be used properly!

Try any of the Italy tours best prepared keeping in mind the requirements of the tourists worldwide. 

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Holiday Packages to Greece-The Wonder World!!

The charismatic country of Greece assures a year round fun filled holiday to all the tourists.  The marvelous country offers amusement activities for kids, relaxation and rejuvenation for parents with a perfect blend of family-friendly and opulent accommodation. The white beaches with crystal clear waters, cloistered coves and fantabulous fishing villages await you. You’ll be astounded to see the picturesque towns alighted on rocky hillsides surrounded with beautiful church domes with the backdrop of the golden glow of a ceaseless sun. All of which and much more are covered in intricately designed Greece Holiday Packages by many reliable travel websites. The holiday packages offered not only consist of sight-seeing but also affordable air-tickets to the destination and good accommodation.

The glorious country of Greece is dissevered into three geographical regions namely the mainland, the islands and the Peloponnese which being the large peninsula to the south of the mainland. Our unique Greece vacation packages, lets you experience a perfect holiday comprising of island hopping, digging into fascinating mainland’s ancient history and  relaxing on number of divine golden beaches - all at fabulous affordable prices!  
You can reach this amazing country via Athens International Airport. Athens offers you the magical start to your journey by being the site of the most popular heritage site, the Parthenon. Hundreds of tourists every day make to the site to closely experience the beauty of the Classical period of Ancient Greece. There are no less than 17 monuments in this fantabulous country which are listed as World Heritage Sites. Few of the other beautiful sites include the massive Sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaurus and the large Archaeological Sites of Mycenae and Tiryns. Also not to be missed is the Mount Olympus on the way from Athens to Thessaloniki, which being the beautiful mythological palace of the 12 Gods of the Greek Mythology.

Thessaloniki ranked as the world's fifth-best party city worldwide is not to be missed for sure. If the idea of your holiday is to relax by the sea side, you have an option to choose from 6000 islands out of which 227 are inhabited. The vast coast line with sandy beaches and sheltered bays would surely rejuvenate you. The massive National Marine Park on 
Zakynthos Island would keep the kids of the family busy while you bask in the sun at the coast. The enchanting landscape of Crete Island would mesmerize you with its landscapes diverging from sandy golden beaches to snowy high peaks and sensational river gorges. The honeymooners can experience the most romantic vacation in the picturesque island of Santorini. For the tourists wanting to pump their adrenaline must visit  Meteora located in the Greece mainland. It is home to various adventurous activities like rock climbing, Canoe-Kayak on Plastira Lake, Rafting Adventure and many more.

When it comes to eating out in Greece, food lovers should be prepared to be seriously spoilt for choice with the sumptuous delicacies ranging from traditional to international. The mouth watery seafood is surely a treat to your palate.  Explore our varied Greece travel packages to have a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday surrounded by the beauty of Mother Nature.

Monday, 1 September 2014

How can One Get Affordable Airfares?

Airfare offers available on the net that are excessively cheap are not original. One should not fall for this and avoid providing the information of their credit cards unless they are absolutely sure about the offer and should cross check that the airlines they are claiming, they are actually dealing with them or not. There are many scams like this before which needs to be avoided.

Due to some terrorist attacks such as 9/11 in the recent past, people are avoiding airlines. Hence a marginal drop. How can one get affordable airfares? The easiest way used by airlines to attract their customers are bringing special offers with such great deals and packages that one can’t refuse to come back and take an advantage of it.

Early hours and late evenings are the most suitable and best times for those who wanted to travel by cheap airfares. People demanding such advantages are increasing day by day.
The discounts on your favorite airlines can be obtained if you have someone inside related who can provide you information whenever the discount starts.

If you book a return ticket then also you can save a lot of money as one side direct tickets are more costly than the two sided path. Even if one is not sure about the time they are going to stay at a particular place, still return ticket cut back a lot.

People with flexible time schedules are more likely to take the opportunity of cheaper airfares as the one who have strict schedule that is who have to reach their destination at time cannot alter or change his plan and thus less prone to such cheap airfares as may be at that time offers and discounts are not in market.

Internet is one source from where you can get information about such cheap air tickets. Just browse the particular website and best deals are available for customers. To increase their customer support many airlines have started selling it online.

Good planning helps in accessing the cheap airfares. One should plan the trip in off holiday time period so that better deals are easily available and also chances are reduced in getting into an overloaded plane.

The numerous options are available for getting cheap air tickets to a particular place but the best option is various discounts that are visible on the websites of a particular airline. Hence, internet answers all your queries and tries to solve all your doubts. But one thing should be kept in mind that such offers are available for very short duration, it also sometimes increase the traffic on the sites as many users try to login simultaneously. Hence, by overcoming all problems one has to do it correctly.