Monday, 29 December 2014

Visit India from USA to Welcome 2015!

India is a rich and diverse country with varied traditions, cultures as well as different geographical features all over. It has a mystic charm that casts a spell on its visitors. The stunning beauty as well as the rich cultural heritage of India allures tourists towards it. There are a plethora of options that can be explored by tourists like adventure, wildlife, beaches, hill stations, pilgrimage, cultural, Ayurveda etc. It will be ideal to search the internet for various flights plying to India and book as much in advance as possible in order to avail cheapest air tickets to India.

Each and every part of India, whether it is north, south, east or west is worth exploring. During the winter time and at New Year's you have a great opportunity to explore the God's own country-Kerala. Munnar is a hill station in Kerala which boasts of the largest tea gardens in India. Foggy hills, wildlife sanctuaries, waterfalls and beautiful tea estates provide Munnar with a panoramic setting. Munnar is also famous for its wild orchids that make the entire valley turn violet once in 12 years. Here you can have a quiet holiday with your family and welcome the New Year.

Another option is to visit Delhi and Agra on your trip to India. The Taj Mahal, situated in Agra is a sight to witness at a full moon night which looks like a picturesque symbol of love. You can visit this place if you are on a holiday with the love of your life. You can take the benefit of low cost carriers that ply within the domestic circuit as they will help you get cheaper domestic tickets. Make sure to book all your tickets in advance to benefit the maximum.

Manali is a hill destination that is quite popular during the winter holidays since it is the best season to enjoy the snowfall as well as to indulge in snow sports. The snow capped peaks provide a stunning view and you just won't be able to take your eyes off them.

Goa is yet another winter destination that is a favourite spot for the New Year celebrations. There are some wonderful carnivals that commence during Christmas here and go on till the new year. The party never ends in Goa, it is just merry-making day and night. You will get to welcome the new year with some delectable sea food delicacies, local drinks and traditional Goan music and dancing.

Therefore, travel to India this winter and experience an amazing New Year celebration with your loved ones!

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Tips for Solo Travelers from USA to India

To some, it might just sound purgatory to travel alone to a destination with just a pack on your bag and couple of good books for your company; however this thought might excite some others. So, should one travel alone or in company? Or are the people who travel solo introverts or extroverts?
There are advantages of both to travel alone or in a group of people you know. However, if you consider the following tips of solo traveling, you would want to go for a holiday alone most of the times. Let’s get this straight that the people who travel alone are not lonely. They just like being in the company of like minded people and explore the world all by themselves.
Firstly, let’s discuss the point of being lonely!
It is definitely that the ‘L’ word surely varies in meaning from person to person. But, all travelers, whether traveling alone or with their family want time out for themselves. All surely have a lonely moment or two with themselves once in their trip.
These days, there are many companies which travel itineraries for solo travelers. JourneyCook is a travel site one of its kind in India that makes sure that they hand picks the individuals who form a group who wish to travel alone. The holiday packages crafted considering the interests of people. This makes sure that your lonely moments are limited only to one or two in your whole trip. It gives you numerous opportunities to express your thoughts to people who think like you.
Being Independent is not being introvert:
Independence that one gains out of traveling alone cannot be achieved while travelling with family. You are free to do whatever you want to do. You can visit the sightseeing laces of your interest rather than to please others. Also, satisfy your palate with the cuisine of your choice. One cannot debate on this; no compromises are made when traveling solo.
Meet new people and make new experiences
When you travel alone, you are bound to meet new people and experience new friendships in life. Being solo makes you more approachable to strangers than you are when you are traveling alone. Then how does it make you think that solo travelers are introvert? Also, you have the desire to start a conversation with people and learn more about the place. Like, if the idea of lazing on the beach excites you, then our Goa holiday packages are surely for you.
You become mature and grow
Solo traveling plays a crucial role in developing your personality. When you travel alone, not only give you an ample time to discover yourself, but also learn more from knowing others. There is a huge improvement in the self confidence of solo travelers.
However, you need to rely on a company which shall plan your itinerary according to your interests. And we at JourneyCook take pride that we don’t have boring itineraries of well known places of interest. We are one company who takes care of the variety of people like housewives, working
professionals, students and give them travel packages accordingly. We plan your trip right from air tickets to accommodation in advance and you are well informed about all the details so that you can have a smooth and enjoyable trip.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Easy Tweaks to Travel from Phoenix to Bangalore

Gone are the days of sitting on the internet to search for cheap air tickets. Now, one doesn’t need to waste their own precious time but can simply call the travel agents of the trusted travel portals. Now, you can simply specify your requirements and they shall make all your bookings on your behalf while you relax and shop for your holiday.

The travel experts are proficient to make the bookings in the budget of your choice provided you are flexible for your travel dates. Traveling has to be stress-free and the travel experts ensure of this. They make you fly on the cheap air tickets, customize your holiday packages for the destination of your choice and book hotels of your preference.

Listed are below 5 easy tweaks that shall help you in booking of next vacation to the destination choice as per your satisfaction.

1.       Plan in Advance for your Vacation:
If you are thinking on going on a vacation, do not wait till the fag end. You must wake up in time so that you get low cost air tickets, low cost of the luxurious hotels. Planning in advance also ensures that you don’t miss on the awesome offers and deals that are going on.

2.       Flying Early or Mid-Night:
It has been observed that early morning flights and mid-night flights cost you cheaper. You can catch up on your sleep during the flight. So, if you have a fixed budget in mind, fly early or mid-night to save money.

3.       Avoid Peak Holiday season:
If you plan your holiday in advance, you don’t need to fly when everyone is taking a break. You can apply for holidays from your work during off season. This helps in getting good deals on air tickets and also for hotels. Also, you can make the most of your vacation as the place won’t be crowded and you can spend good time with your loved ones.

4.       Get Ample Time to Research about your Holiday Destination:
When you book in advance, you get ample time to research well about your holiday spot. You can check the sightseeing places and make a to-do list. You can pack accordingly and carry important stuff.  You can also research about the restaurants serving your favorite cuisine and make it a point to visit them.  If flying to international destinations like from Phoenix to Bangalore, it will be great if you research well about Bangalore.

5.       Get Ample Time to Pack Effectively:
You get time to pack effectively according to the weather of the place. You must also carry light weight, so that you have some space for the souvenirs.  

Hope the blog helps you to fly to Bangalore from Phoenix easily and without pinching your pocket. 

Monday, 8 December 2014

Tips to Save Money while Traveling to India from USA!

Before one decides to go on a holiday, they are always stressed on huge expenditure that shall be incurred during the vacation especially when it is overseas travel. Here are tips that you must follow when you decide to visit India from USA during this holiday season!

Tip 1) Stay in Cheaper Hotels
When you are holidaying in India, you are not going to stay in room all the time, thus why you always want to stay in 5-star or 4-star property. A good hotel with all the important amenities will be a good choice if you want to save some money in hand. You can get good deals of hotels when you book them with air tickets.  Consult with your travel agent who shall give a list of budget hotels which are really good and you shall face no problems during your stay. 

Tip 2) Choose to Travel during Off-Season
Also, if possible you must travel during the off-season. During peak-season, you would end up getting lost the over-crowded places. Also, the hotels are over-crowded and it is rather difficult to get a good air deal also. If you can postpone your time of holiday, then plan in advance to get the cheapest air deals for the destination of your choice

Tip 3) Carry your own Baby Food
When traveling to India with a small child or an infant, it is important that you carry all the baby essentials with you. These things are rather costly in overseas. Also, there is a possibility that you don’t find the same brand that you have been using at your hometown. Thus, carry surplus diapers, baby food which will help in saving a lot of money in your travel. 

Tip 4) Try Local Food in the Normal Restaurants
Another opportunity to embrace the local culture is to try the local food at the normal restaurants. This will help in saving a lot of money and also you will be able to try different foods which are a must try when holidaying in India.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Some Suggestions to Grab the Cheapest Air Fares from Detroit to Hyderabad

All travelers are in search of cheap air tickets nowadays. If you are able to travel long distances at low costs, then it greatly cuts down your total trip cost and hence, there is less stress on your budget. There has been a steep rise in the number of airline companies and a direct consequence of this is great competition among the various air carriers. Due to high competition in the air industry, the companies try to attract their customers and increase their clientele as much as they can.

Whether you are looking for a cheap domestic or international flight, there are offers for everyone which can provide you with cheaper tickets. So, if you are searching for cheap flights from Detroit to Hyderabad, read the article below and you shall know all the handy tips. All you need to do is pay heed to some suggestions to avail these fantastic deals.

The first factor needed to be taken into consideration is to thoroughly search the internet to segregate the airlines which are providing discounted tickets or decreased prices of air fares. Booking tickets is a much better way than standing and waiting in long queues. It is advisable to book your tickets as soon as possible to grab cheap tickets. You must book the tickets when you get good offers instead of waiting for the fares to drop down. If you wait, the sale may expire even before you know it.

Another thing to be kept in mind to book cheap tickets is to avoid weekend travel, if possible. Most people prefer to travel on weekends and so, due to the high demand, it is very difficult for the airline companies to give discounts on the tickets. Whereas through the weekdays, there are usually lesser number of people travelling from one place to the other. This means that there are a lot of seats which are unoccupied and hence, readily available. Thus, in this way, booking your travel tickets for weekdays will help in getting cheaper fares.

 To get the best deals to reach Hyderabad from Detroit, it is a good option to keep in touch regularly with online travel agents. They are in sync with the airline industry dynamics and understand the nuances of pricing by these companies. They can prove to be perfect guides and will surely be majorly helpful in getting discounted tickets.

Grabbing the cheapest flight tickets does take some research and persistence. So, it is mandatory that you look into various web travel portals frequently and make comparisons too. In this way, you will be able to discover all the offers available.